In case you order a new cloud web hosting account, it takes a little time for the transaction to be processed, the account to be set up then activated. As automated as the process may be, a human factor is invariably involved - your transaction may be inspected manually or the account may need some technological time to be created by a live individual. This is usually the case with resellers and it is not unusual to wait for hours, maybe even for several days. Instead of working on your websites, you spend your time waiting for someone to process the order. In some cases, companies even wait for several orders to pile up inside their system queue before they process them in mass, while you are able to do nothing else but wait for them.
Instant Account Activation in Cloud Web Hosting
If you choose to obtain a cloud web hosting plan from our company, you won't need to wait for hours and hours in order to start using the account. As a matter of fact, you simply won't have to wait for more than several moments for your transaction to be processed and the account to become completely active. We realize how dynamic the web is, so we are not going to waste your energy with a long installation process. As soon as you place the transaction, our system will send you the Welcome e mail along with the login information you need and you can then sign in to develop or upload your site files. If you would like any of our free script apps to be installed in your account during its creation, you will get the login details for its back office too and the installation shall not delay the setup and activation of your account whatsoever.
Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages have no actual activation time since everything is created in a couple of minutes after place your order. The minute you submit your transaction, we will send you the account login details and you'll be able to sign in to a completely functional hosting CP. After that you can upload your site files provided that you have them, or you can use one of our online website development tools. If you have chosen a script app to be set up in your account during the order process, it will be ready to use by the time you access the CP and you'll get the administrator login info with the hosting account Welcome e-mail. You can obtain a new semi-dedicated web server at the most convenient time for you because we are available 24/7/365 and your account is going to be activated within minutes regardless of when you order it.